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  • Made of brass plated in 24k gold.
  • Lead and nickel free.
  • Handmade in Colombia.

To avoid discoloration keep your jewellery from contact with perfume, lacquer, creams lotions, cosmetics and salt water. Do not use chemical products to clean your jewellery, Use mild soap and water. Wear your jewellery after getting dressed.

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Here is some history about our products.  Calima is the name of an ancient indigenous culture in Colombia.  This culture, plus other pre-Columbian groups that existed for many centuries, possessed great skills, and they engaged in many artistic endeavours.  One of these skills was jewellery-making, the history of which dates back to around 4,000 years B.C.

Calima’s jewellery include a line that is the continuation of the pre-Columbian ancestral tradition of forging hand-made reproductions of the “El Dorado” pre-Columbian treasures, which can only be seen in the world famous Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia.  These pieces are made using the lost-wax process.  Each piece is plated with either pure silver or 24K gold plate, which gives an intense and unique depth of colour.

Also incorporated into each design are top quality semi-precious stones such as sodalite, amazonite, jasper, onyx, agate, ceramics or natural elements. The result is a visually pleasing synthesis of contemporary design and ancient craftsmanship.

Some more information about our jewellery lines. Calima products are all newly crafted, and we sell them for their wonderful uniqueness.  Every item has a history behind it, and has healing energy from our Pre-Columbian ancestors.  We also want to expose the rich culture of our country and the beautiful things that our indigenous tribes make by hand.

Wearing a Calima product is an expression of your appreciation of beauty and a celebration of cultural ingenuity!

Each piece comes with a certificate, which describes the product, and instructions on how to maintain and clean your items.

Every piece is packed in an elegant velvet pouch.

Look at the pictures, fall in love with our items and know that you are buying a good quality product hand made by the very best artisans in Colombia.

I am sure you will be satisfied with my products.

You can buy our products with confidence.



Additional information


3.0 cm approx


3.5 cm approx


9.0 g each


Brass plated in 24k Gold






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