We are often asked how to pair Pre-Columbian jewelry with everyday clothes, as well as with a cocktail dresses or a suit. Today, we will help you achieve just that!

A new year always comes brimming with resolutions and high hopes for the future. As we ponder on our checklist on the additional hobbies we want to do, exotic places to travel and delectable dishes to try on, for us women, there should be one thing which should not skip our list – to look absolutely great!

Why? Because the moment we feel beautiful inside and out is the time our confidence swells and we feel insuppressible.

So where to start? First, no need to overhaul your whole wardrobe. A few investments in elegant Jewelry make a statement. From power meetings to a more relaxed and intimate dinner, we have great suggestions for you to visualize your transformation.

Jewelry is the modern-day talisman to celebrate the cosmopolitan women. It is a way to convey her personality without uttering a word. It is also considered as a lifetime investment. So we should choose wisely.


“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”.

 Oscar Wilde

As promised, here are our suggestions on pairing jewelry with the best outfits for any occasion.
  1. Set the right work attitude and throw the Monday blues away with a much-needed punch: try a rich colored necklace that will adorn almost any corporate outfit. Lighten up the mood more with a white textured dress.

White textured dress with Isabella necklace.

  1. A power presentation dictates a presence as strong as your words. A bold statement with an exquisite necklace guarantees a compelling additional in your suit. Ditch the stodgy black suit and opt for a floral blazer and peach colored cotton gabardine pants. Finish the look with nude heels.

Floral blazer and peach colored cotton Garbadine pants with Cacua gold necklace.

3. Who says no to a mid-week break? Head off to your favorite meeting place with a subtle-chic pair of earrings, black pencil skirt, silk top and an unforgettable pair of shoes (or boots if it’s raining), transitioning from daytime to nighttime without effort.


Black pencil skirt and silk top with Flora earrings.

  1. Quiet elegance is what a woman strives for, especially when the occasion counts. Captivate the crowd of your next corporate event with a dramatic maxi dress with a distinctive, eye-catching necklace. As the saying goes, if people will stare, make it worth their while.

Maxi dress with Tamara necklace.

  1. Throw away your inhibitions and paint the town red as the weekend approaches! Need to jazz up the ever-reliable LBD? Choose a flared dress and add a playful staple to your night out with a show-stopping bracelet!

Black flared dress with Orinoco Bracelet with Tagua.

  1. Finally, a day of pure bliss! Be exuberant as you kiss the sunset goodbye with a stylish yet comfortable floral sleeveless dress and a perfect pair of sparkling and alluring earrings.

Floral sleeveless dress with Snake earrings.

No time to go to the store? Check out our shop section to find the ideal jewelry right at your fingertips. Our Try-At-Home option makes shopping more convenient for you.


Image credit for clothes: Elle.com

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