Do you already have a gift for Valentine’s day?

We are just a few days away from Valentines day. To find an enduring gift in the sea of crowded shopping malls can be daunting and exhausting. Who has time anyway when we have to extend hours of work plus endure the painful traffic?

Lucky for you, here at Calima, we made shopping convenient and uncomplicated for you! Since men are visually inclined, we present you some well-loved and popular movie characters to describe your woman’s persona. Whether she is a fashionista or a lovely homemaker, we have marvelous gift suggestions which she will love! Worried about the budget? The prices range from Php 800 up to Php 3,200! And the best news is… We have an ongoing 25%-off the whole shop until the end of Valentine’s, using the coupon code “MYVALENTINE“.


The Sophisticated – (Holly Golightly- Breakfast at Tiffanys)


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Audrey Hepburn’s iconic portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s will forever be embedded as the benchmark of sophistication. Classic colors are her best friends and she always looks impeccable. Her ability to converse with different types of people and giving them the same amount of respect is truly remarkable.  Every man wants to be with her and every woman strives to be like her. For your gift, we suggest sleek and classic designs for when it comes to jewelry, a sophisticated woman loves elegance.


Black Onyx Drop Earrings for Php 1400.00 and Paine Earrings for Php 800.00.


Bohemian Chic (Lucy Whitmore – 50 first dates)



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She is eternally in touch with her inner self. When she is not busy doing yoga or meditating, she can be seen volunteering in different causes that matter, it can be at homeless shelters or clean up drives. Her smile can melt icebergs, and her presence can be compared to a burst of sunshine.  Her choice of outfits is as bright and relaxed as her personality. When it comes to a gift, strive for something unique and meaningful for she will treasure it as years go by.


Cordon Mini Bag for Php 1450.00 and Blue Leather Bracelet for Php 1500.00.


The Alpha Female (Trinity – Matrix Trilogy)


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Trinity’s character in Matrix Trilogy is an epitome of woman empowerment. Aside from her notable skills in computer, combat, and the unforgettable Double Eagle attack, she is also a strategic thinker and stood beside her man until death. Fast forward to reality, the undeniable alpha female is independent, confident, smart, and she does not brag about her accomplishments. She does not have time for frivolous things. A perfect gift for her will be a simple and yet strong reminder that she can count on you when her world starts to spin out of control.


Leaves Gold Bracelet for Php 2394.00 and Ailin Earrings for Php 800.00

Lovely Homemaker (Leigh Anne Tuohy – The Blind Side)


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Leigh Anne is known as the ferocious and stylish mother from the critically acclaimed movie, The Blind Side. She can be described as a superwoman. She has a fantastic career, characterized as a good wife, and a loving mother. It is amazing on how she can juggle all three evenly and smoothly. Her daily outfit takes the transition of activities smoothly without sacrificing style. And contrary to popular myth, she does all these without letting herself go. To say a heartfelt thank you for this lovely woman, choose a subtle piece she can wear to client meetings then straight to your kid’s football practice.


Anahi Earrings for Php 1550.00 and Lucia Necklace for Php 2600.00.


The Fashionista – (Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City)


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Her closet in overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories. She battles challenges with a designer handbag on daytime and a cosmopolitan drink at night time. Her moods are reflected through her outfit. Fashionistas are perceived to be trivial but in reality, they are simply emotional. And of course, they can put a quirky tutu and make it look like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Life would be indeed boring without them. Since she always dresses up to be memorable, choose a striking piece of jewelry that reflects her personality.


Wheel Gold Earrings for Php 1300.00 and Chimila Necklace for Php 3280.00.

Be truly romantic and surprised her by having the gift delivered right to her doorsteps! Our Try at Home Program is another way to make shopping more convenient for you, by letting your loved one (or yourself!) decide in the comfort of your home which piece you like best. And it’s free of charge!


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